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New Address Application

  1. ***If the parcel owner is different than applicant, please enter that contact info here:
  2. Property Information:
  3. ***In addition to filling in the information above, the following 3 items are required before the new address number can be issued:
  4. (1) Zoning permit must be issued. (Available through Land Use & Resource Management at 262-741-4972).
  5. (2) Driveway must be constructed, staked, or marked.
  6. (3) $75 fee via check or money order must be received. Please mail check or money order to:
  7. Walworth County IT Dept. PO Box 1001 Elkhorn, WI 53121
  8. ***Please contact 262-741-7813 with any questions when filling out this form.
  9. Leave This Blank: