COVID-19 Vaccine Information

COVID-19 vaccine is not likely to be available to the public until Spring 2021 or later

Current Vaccine Groups and Distribution Status

Despite COVID-19 vaccine becoming available, there will not be enough doses right away to vaccinate everyone. As a result, there will be a series of group recommendations for who should receive vaccine first. Recommendations for which groups receive the vaccine first come from the federal and state level (Food & Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, and Wisconsin Department of Health Services). We will work with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and follow these priority groups.

Currently, Walworth County is accepting vaccine registration for:
  • Those listed in Phase 1A
  • Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement 
  • Those 65 years and older

We are not currently accepting vaccine registration for any other category at this time and continue to follow the guidance from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Complete COVID-19 Vaccine Registration here

  1. Phase 1A Information
  2. Ages 65+
  3. Phase 1B Information
  4. Subsequent Phases

The first group will focus on frontline health care workers with the highest risk of exposure. It will also focus on people who work or live in long-term care facilities. It is unknown exactly how long giving vaccine to the first group will take.

Medical workers classified as Phase 1A are currently eligible for vaccine. This is defined as “Individuals who provide direct patient service (compensated and uncompensated) or engage in healthcare services that place them into contact with patients who are able to transmit SARS-CoV-2, and/or infectious material containing SARS-CoV-2 virus.” See a list of medical workers who are eligible in Phase 1A (PDF).*

If you meet the classification for Phase 1A, please review the following guidance:

  • Check with your organization’s healthcare system about vaccine availability
  • If you are not affiliated with a healthcare system that is able to vaccinate, Walworth County Public Health may be able to provide you with a vaccine or match you with another vaccinator.
    • Individuals should  fill out the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration here.
    • If you are an employer wanting to register your organization, everyone within the organization will need to complete their own registration by completing the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration above.

Please note, if you do not meet the classification for Phase 1A, there is no "waitlist" for the vaccine or any action needed from you at this time

(click the above tabs for: Ages 65+ Information, Phase 1B information and Subsequent Phases) 

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Flow - 01212021

While vaccination is an essential component towards ending the pandemic, please click here to find additional ways to help