Back to School (Fall 2023): School Conditional Health Practices

Lakeland School - School Conditional Health Practices (revised 07/19/23)

Lakeland School of Walworth County is committed to supporting our families and staff, providing a safe instructional environment, and delivering the best possible student experience. Every reasonable attempt will be made to uphold our long-standing commitment to meeting the individual needs of our students.

This summer, we have outlined a 4-phase plan that we will use to guide our year, depending on the rate of illness in the school and county. Please take some time to read through the Phases that are listed in his document to know how Lakeland School will proceed. We will be starting the year in Phase 3. Our goal is to move to Phase 4, with no restrictions as time goes on. Please keep in mind that Phase 4 and Phase 1 have not been outlined yet in this Conditional Health Practices document. A goal of ours this school year is to outline those two phases. 

Phase 4: In Person Learning, masks optional, no quarantine or isolation, open campus for families and community members (to be developed during the 22-23 school year).

Phase 3: In Person Learning, masks optional, with quarantine and isolation, open campus for families and community members.

Phase 2: In Person Learning, masks required, closed campus.

Phase 1: Remote Learning due to high transmission (to be reviewed during the 22-23 school year).

The health and safety of students, employees, and community members is the utmost priority as we return for the 2022-2023 school year.  Lakeland School continues to utilize data provided by the Centers for Disease Control, the State of Wisconsin, Walworth County Board of Supervisors, Walworth County Health Department, and the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) to guide the decision-making processes related to the school.

We ask all members of the school’s community to embrace the guidelines contained in this document and to contribute to a school environment that is safe for all. The guidelines mentioned in this document are meant to serve as universal practices to apply in various situations throughout our school and school year. Lakeland School will notify you if we were to move to a different phase. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you back into the building for all traditional events at Lakeland School as we grow back together in unity. It’s going to be a great year! 

Best Regards,

Lakeland School Administrative Team

This document is subject to updates, changes, and additions as further information, clarifications, and requirements are received.

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