Spring Flooding Outlook

Each year, the National Weather Service does a spring flood out look.
For the Spring of 2020, the National Weather Service after looking at all factors that affect flooding in our area, the have determined that there is an average to above average that Walworth County will experience flooding.
Things that can affect the flooding include rainfall, frost thickness and snow melt.
Other things include water flowing from the north through the Counties and into Illinois.  
As they had a lot of snow in the Northern Counties that melt will affect water levels in our creeks and streams.
ALso the water table and ground saturation levels are up in all of Wisconsin, which means that the water is not readily absorbed into the ground and will flow to lower areas where it will collect until it can be absorbed.
Please be aware of what your insurance will cover.
Everyone should have a sump pump rider on their insurance.  
Everyone should consider a sewer back up rider also.
You need to call your insurance carrier to see what they will and will not cover.
Assistance from the State of Wisconsin and FEMA is very difficult to get for private property and residences.  
To obtain a disaster declaration there is a very high threshold for damage based on population per County.
In 2017 with all the flooding that occured in Walworth County, we did not meet the minimum and were not granted any relief through FEMA.
Sand bagging on private property is the responsibility of the homeowner.  The Cities, Towns and Villages are not obligated to provide sandbags, sand or labor.
The decision is up to each individual jurisdiction as to what they can and will do for the private sector.
To keep upto date on weather in our area click on the this link National Weather Services   for the most recent updates.