Inmate Commissary

Due to the fact that inmates cannot have money in their possession while in jail, an inmate trust account is created in their name to allow them to pay debts and purchase things while incarcerated. The inmate trust account system used in the Walworth County Jail is provided by our commissary vendor Trinity Services Group. 

Deposits can be made into inmate’s accounts in several ways. Here at the jail located in the Huber Lobby by the visitation terminals is the Cobra Cashier. This a reverse ATM device where cash and or credit/debit card deposits can be made. There are also options to make deposits online at Access Corrections or via telephone at 1-866-345-1884. The vendor does charge its own convenience fees on each of these types of deposits, but there are no additional fees charged by Walworth County. Cashier checks or money orders can also be sent to the inmate via mail, but personal checks will not be deposited. A jail deposit fee will be applied to deposits sent in via the mail. 

Inmates housed on Huber privileges will be allowed to deposit their paychecks or make deposits to pay their Huber or Home Detention charges without being charged a jail deposit fee. Huber/Home Detention inmates are charged a daily board fee each day of incarceration.

Items are made available for inmates to purchase through commissary that include hygiene, snack food, greeting cards, and small game items like playing cards or dominoes. Purchases are restricted to no more than $35 per order and inmate are normally allowed to order twice per week. 

Additional comfort food options are made available for purchase by the kitchen vendor Aramark on certain times and days that include items like soda, pizza, tacos, burgers, chicken, and french fries.