Inmate Visitation

Professional Visitation

Professional visitation for legal counsel and related professionals, P& P agents, authorized

religious leaders, educators, and any other persons approved by Jail Administration may be

allowed daily from 7am – 10pm. Professionals who are a relative of the inmate may also

require additional approval from Jail Administration to insure that visitation time is used for

professional matters and not personal visit time.

The following regulations establish the requirements for visitation of Walworth County jail


1. Professional person visiting must have picture identification.

2. Professional person must have professional status identification, such as a bar

card for an attorney or state ID for a P&P Agent, etc.

3. Clergy will need to be pre-approved by Jail Administration.

All persons entering the professional visitation areas are subject to search of their person

and/or property. Professional visitors are encouraged to leave any unnecessary items in their


Regular Visitation

Regular Visitation with family and friends is completed via video through our telephone vendor ViaPath Technologies. Please follow this link to set up a visitation account.

Video Visitation can be scheduled by the visitor or requested electronically by the inmates utilizing computers, tablets, or smart phones at a rate of $0.25 a minute. Visitors without access to internet devices may visit our facility, Monday-Friday between the hours of 7am-7pm to video visit at no cost. Visits are restricted to 30 minute time limits. Visitation privileges for both the visitor and the inmate may be suspended at any time for violation of rules.  It is the responsibility of each inmate to inform visitors of rule changes.

Visitation Rules include:

Onsite visitors must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by their legal guardian.

Boisterous, loud, or disruptive conduct may result in termination of the visit and suspension of privileges.

Proper attire is required for onsite visitation.

Nudity or exposure of any breasts, genitals, or buttocks will result in termination of the visit and suspension of privileges for a significant time frame.

Visitors will not be allowed to bring food or beverages into the onsite visitation area.