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  1. Heather Marquardt

    Senior Urban Conservation Specialist

  2. Brian Smetana

    Senior Conservation Technician

  3. Chris Rieck

    Conservation Technician- Agriculture

  4. Naomi Mullen

    Water Quality Specialist

  1. Nick Sigmund

    Senior Zoning Officer

    Towns of:  Bloomfield and Lyons

  2. Darrin Schwanke

    Code Enforcement Officer

    Towns of:  East Troy, LaGrange, Spring Prairie and Troy

  3. Lindsey Smith

    Code Enforcement Officer

    Towns of:  Richmond, Sugar Creek, and Whitewater

  4. Casey Mullett

    Conservation Technician-Urban

    Towns of:  Geneva, LaFayette, and Linn

  5. Samantha Stawarz

    Conservation Technician-Urban

    Towns of:  Darien, Delavan, Sharon and Walworth

  6. Wendy Boettcher

    Zoning/Board of Appeals Hearing Assistant

  7. Diana Sandoval

    Zoning Assistant

  1. Rick Dorgay

    Senior Sanitation Officer

  2. Christine Fisher

    Sanitation Assistant

  3. Lindsey Smith

    Code Enforcement Officer

    Towns of:  Sharon, Darien, Richmond, Sugar Creek and Whitewater

  1. Michael P. Cotter

    Director/Deputy Corporation Counsel

  2. Mandy Bonneville

    Deputy Director/County Conservationist

  3. Sheril Oldenburg

    Administrative Assistant