Soil Health

A healthy soil meets four key principles- protect the soil, minimum tillage, plant diversity and year-round plant growth. A heathy soil is a living, breathing, very active environment in which to grow food for our community. A healthy soil slows runoff, infiltrates water, and retains nutrients, making them available to crops when they are needed. A healthy soil acts in harmony with crops grown above the ground.

Walworth County Land Conservation is partnering with producers to get the message out on the important benefits of a healthy soil.  Conservation staff are helping producers network with each other to learn more about the benefits of no till production and cover crops.  

2022 Soil Health Day

This past summer, soil health field days resumed when Walworth County hosted a portion of the two-day Strategies for Land Stewardship Summit held on June 21st and 22nd.  Featuring speakers from throughout the central United States, the multi-county tour was highlighted by presentations given by farmers actively involved in the implementation and promotion of soil health best practices.

Strategies for Land Stewardship Summit Agenda 

2018 Soil Health Day

On October 12, 2018, Land Conservation staff held a Cover Crop Field Day to bring people together to learn more about cover crops and soil health. During the field day, participants saw a demonstration on how water flows through a variety of soil types.  You can see the demonstration of the rainfall simulator below.

Rainfall Simulator