Instructional Assistants

Instructional Assistants are an integral part of Lakeland School's program of instruction and care throughout a student's day.

  1. Thomas Ashmus

    Thomas Ashmus

  1. Vicki Bennett

    Vicki Bennett

  1. Mary Blazek

    Mary Blazek

  1. Michael Budreck

    Michael Budreck

  1. Maria Dean

    Maria Dean

  1. Kim Donahue

    Kim Donahue

  1. Paige Drummond

    Page Drummond

  1. Denise Fink

    Denise Fink

  1. Barb Georgeson

    Barb Georgeson

  1. Cheryl Hirte

    Cheryl Hirte

  1. Jodi Hooper

    Jodi Hooper

  1. Jordan Kayser

    Jordan Kayser

  1. Jeanne Knickelbine

    Jeanne Knicklebine

  1. Dianne Matteson

    Dianne Matteson

  1. Erin McGee

    McGee Erin

  1. Maria McKay

    Maria McKay

  1. Shannon Meillier

    Shannon Meillier

  1. Shannon Merath

    Shannon Merath

  1. Kendra Monroe

    Kendra Monroe

  1. Alina Moreno

    Alina Moreno

  1. Emily Muzatko

    Emily Muzatko

  1. Jane Nevin

    Jane Nevin

  1. Andrew Newlin

    Andrew Newlin

  1. Abriel Odling

    Abriel Odling

  1. Carmella Pease

    Carmella Pease

  1. Betsy Perkins

    Betsy Perkins

  1. Carissa Price

    Carissa Price

  1. Rebecca Rusk

    Rebecca Rusk

  1. Robyn Scheuerman

    Robyn Scheuerman

  1. Patty Storlie

    Patty Storlie

  1. Karie Suchocki

    Karie Suchocki

  1. Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson

  1. Kit VanAcker

    Kit Van Acker

  1. Kristin Vigil

    Kristin Vigil

  1. Heather Heflick

    Heather Waelti

  1. Lorrie Wagner

    Lorrie Wagner

  1. Blair Walenton

    Blair Walenton

  1. Maria Warnecke (Raminha)

    Maria Warnecke

  1. Jenine Ward

    Jenine Ward

  1. Michelle Ward

    Michelle Ward

  1. Judy Weinkauf

    Judy Weinkauf

  1. Audra Wojcik

    Audra Wojcik