Walworth County administers two zoning codes within unincorporated Walworth County.  Both codes reside in Chapter 74 of the Walworth County Code of Ordinances. The County's General Zoning Code applies to all lands within unincorporated Walworth County except for in the Town of Bloomfield.  The County's Shoreland Zoning Code applies to all unincorporated lands within 1000 feet of a lake, pond or flowage or 300 feet from a river or stream OR the landward edge of the 100  year flood elevation- whichever is greater.  

The Cities of Elkhorn, Fontana, and Williams Bay have also adopted "Extraterritorial Zoning" (ETZ).  This zoning classification gives zoning regulation jurisdiction over lands in unincorporated Walworth County to these communities.  The boundaries of the ETZ areas are depicted on the County's zoning map with red hash lines.  In these areas, Walworth County does not have jurisdiction for zoning.

Implementation of the Zoning Code is primarily managed by the Code Enforcement Officers employed by LURM.  A map showing the duty assignments by township can be found here

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