Seal a Smile

The Seal a Smile (SAS) Program was created in collaboration with Children’s Health Alliance of Wisconsin to improve the oral health of Walworth County’s children through school-linked dental sealant programs. Since 2010, the Walworth County Public Health Department has partnered with Registered Dental Hygienists to provide dental services to 2nd and 5th grade students. This program provides oral health education, screening, sealant placement, and fluoride varnish application free of charge.

Sign Up for Seal A SmileWisconsin Seal a Smile

Forms and informational brochures will be available through your child’s elementary school. They will be handed out during registration days as well as when school begins. If you would like your child to participate in this program, please fill out the forms completely and return them to school. Complete the online consent form here.

My School Doesn’t Offer Seal A Smile

Seal a Smile services are available for a small fee through our dental clinic for those children who attend a school that does not offer Seal a Smile or does not qualify for the program. Visit our Clinic’s page for more information on dental services.