Rabies is a viral disease affecting the central nervous system. The rabies virus is transmitted from infected mammals to humans (typically via a bite) and is invariably fatal once symptoms appear. Human rabies is now rare in the United States, but still occurs frequently in many developing nations.


Veterinarians may report a rabies exposure and secure fee exempt testing by contacting our office.

More Information on Rabies

For more information on rabies or to use the Rabies Algorithm to determine if there may have been a rabies exposure visit the Wisconsin Department of Health Services rabies website.

Animal Control

Animal control is handled in Walworth County by police departments and the Lakeland Animal Shelter. To report animal abuse or neglect contact County Humane Officer at 262-723-1000, ext. 5. The Lakeland Animal Shelter phone number is 262-723-1000 if you have any questions for them.