The Walworth County planning team implements long range planning programs and land platting activities.  Programs include updating and implementing the County’s comprehensive plan, processing land division applications, applications for rezoning properties and conditional use permits.

Contact the Zoning Office at 262-741-4972 to confirm meeting location.  View the 2022 CZA Meeting Schedule (PDF).    View the 2023 CZA Meeting Schedule (PDF).

You can find planning reports prepared for County Zoning Agency meetings here. 

The County Zoning Agency has adopted time limits for public hearings.  Walworth County Zoning Agency Public Hearing Time Limits (PDF)

Comprehensive Planning

In 2000, the State of Wisconsin adopted a new law, often referred to as the "Smart Growth Law" that required any jurisdiction regulating land use to adopt a comprehensive plan that met certain requirements.  The statutes that govern these plans can be found in Chapter 66.1001 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. 

In 2009, Walworth County adopted the 2035 Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Plan.  In June of 2019, the County adopted an update to this plan.  Information on these plans can be found here

Walworth County partners with the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to complete its plans.  

Conservation Subdivisions

In 2004, Walworth County worked with world renowned landscape artist and author of the book "Rural by Design", Randall Arndt, to develop conservation subdivision rules to protect the rural communities of Walworth County.  

Conservation Subdivision 4 Step Process


Planning Applications

Planning Information

Platting Applications

Platting Information