Life Skills You (LSYou) Department

What Is LSYou? (¿Qué es LSYou?)

LSYou stands for "Life Skills You" and is Lakeland School’s 18+ year old transition program. LSYou is programming available for students ages 18+ who have completed their Lakeland High School experience but require some continued services to work on their transition goals. LSYou students have not received their Diploma yet.

LSYou provides opportunities for students to gain independent living skills, social skills, employment skills, and self-advocacy skills in real-life settings and to participate in age-appropriate activities in the community appropriate for each student and their post-secondary goals.

2022-2023 Program Calendar

2022-2023 LSYou Program Calendar picture link to PDF calendar

Community-Based Experiences

LSYou is based out of Lakeland School but is designed to provide community based experiences along with opportunities to collaborate with adult agencies, work experiences, and meaningful activities that are or will be a part of each student’s adult life.

LSYou is not a continuation of the same programming the student has been in during their four years of High School. Students in their first year of LSYou have up to five days per week for school programming. Students continuing in LSYou beyond year one have up to three days a week for school programming with the remaining days available for the student and their family to seek and secure meaningful adult experiences. In this way, upon completion of LSYou, adult students and their families have established some post-secondary experiences while supported by familiar staff -- resulting in a smooth transition to their adult life.

For example, a student may start out their first year in LSYou five days per week; however, mid-year when they gain employment, they would be attending LSYou only three or four days during the week. Similarly, a student in their second year, may be volunteering in their community, enjoying a friendship group, attending an art class, and/or working, so they only attend LSYou one to three days a week.

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LS You Assists with Food Drive - 04/17/2021 (JPG)

LSYou students - (back, l-r) Mason H, Mathew K, Caleb H, Anthony H, Isaiah M, Evan H, and (front) Faith S - assist Deputy Dan Nelson (left, Walworth County Sheriff) and Officer Brad Schroeder (right, Delavan Police Department) with the School Resource Officer Food Drive to support the Walworth County Food Pantry, April 17, 2021.