Healthy Aging Classes

Walworth County Long Term Care Division offers evidence based wellness programs to help older adults live a healthier lifestyle and prevent falls. Partnerships with the Alzheimer’s Association and other local providers allow us to offer additional healthy aging opportunities.

Stepping OnStepping On - Building Confidence and Reducing Falls

Stepping on is a seven week, two-hour per week course for older adults about falls prevention and is led by trained leaders, as well as local guest experts. During the course, participants learn exercises specific to balance and falls prevention, along with discussing topics related to falls prevention, including: footwear, medication, vision and home safety.

The workshop is designed for individuals over the age of 65 who had a fall in the past year or have a fear of falling. Individuals should be living at home and not have a dementia diagnosis.

Healthy Living with DiabetesHealthy Life with Diabetes

Healthy Living with Diabetes is a six week, two-and-a-half-hour per week course designed for older adults who are pre-diabetic, have type 2 diabetes, or are caregivers for someone with diabetes. Individuals with type 1 diabetes are welcome to attend, if interested. Participants learn different tools to help themselves or their loved one manage their diabetes, including:

  • Communicating with health professionals
  • Healthy eating/nutrition
  • Lifestyle changes to help cope with challenges
  • Reading food labels and meal planning
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Stress and depression management

Additional Educational Classes

The Alzheimer’s Association provides numerous classes related to healthy aging. Learn more about the classes available nearby.