High School II Department

The High School II Department works with students in their junior and senior years. Our goal is to encourage independence, self-advocacy, and future career skills through real-world application. Students receive core academic instruction, while targeting their adult daily living skills. Our students work diligently on their path to Graduation!

Graduation Senior (12th grade) Events

  • Senior Banquet - Watch for Announcement in Spring 2023
  • Senior Dance - Watch for Announcement in Spring 2023
  • Graduation - Watch for Announcement in Spring 2023

Lakeland School

Class of 2022

Lakeland School Graduating Class of 2022 Group PhotoGraduating seniors for the class of 2022

● Daisy A. Jose A. Jadyn B.   Fernando D.   Kyler D.

Alec H. Paige H. Antonio H. Damien M.

Karen N. Madison O. Nathan P. Nagelly R.

Grayson R. Logan S. Zach T. Georgia V. Christian W.