Doing Business with Walworth County

Current Bids & Proposals

As a public agency, the Walworth County Procurement Division welcomes the participation of vendors in the open procurement process for Walworth County contracts.

As part of the Wisconsin Association of Public Procurement (WAPP), Walworth County is posting request for bids and request for proposals online with DemandStar.

Current Walworth County Bids and Proposals - DemandStar.

Vendor Registration

Businesses wishing to download bid documentation for all current listed opportunities are encouraged to register as a vendor with Demandstar.

By registering online, you will be able to download the procurement documents for each opportunity posted. Once registered, you will also be able to:

  • Receive alerts when new opportunities are posted
  • Receive notices regarding updates and addenda issued for postings you have downloaded
  • Maintain your account information
  • Update your notification preferences
  • Free access to procurement opportunities from all WAPP members on the DemandStar Network

Vendors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Walworth County Ordinances.

Standard County Terms & Conditions

Standard County terms and conditions apply to all transactions where the County acquires goods, services or both. You can view these terms and conditions (PDF).

County Surplus for Sale

To view all current Walworth County surplus for sale, please go to GovDeals.

Pursuant to Section 30-286 of the Walworth County Code of Ordinances, Walworth County employees, elected officials and their immediate families are prohibited from making personal use of surplus county property and shall not acquire surplus by any means.

Insurance Certificates

Vendors who supply goods, services or both to Walworth County are required to carry certain levels of insurance in order to do business with the County. Vendors who do business with Walworth County must provide current insurance certificates.

Insurance certificates may be emailed to Purchasing upon acceptance of a purchase order or contract.


Walworth County uses DocuSign, an electronic signature and digital transaction management service, to collect signatures on all County contracts. DocuSign is secure and efficient. Our vendors and other partner organizations can use this tool to sign County contracts at no cost.


The Walworth County Purchasing Division is committed to providing professional and efficient procurement services to all County departments and divisions. We will foster fair, transparent, and open competition, while maintaining compliance with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations.

Walworth County follows ethical standards set forth in Wisconsin Statute section 19.59, Codes of ethics for local government officials, employees and candidates and section 946.13, Private interest in public contract prohibited. Additionally, Walworth County’s Code of Ordinances Section 15-802. Ethical standards for employees is applicable to County employees when conducting County business.