Traffic Safety Commission


The Sheriff’s Office has sworn representatives on the county’s Traffic Safety Commission which is set by County Ordinance. 

  • Captain Rob Hall, Chairman
  • Sergeant Garth Frami, Vice-Chairman
  • Sheriff Dave Gerber


The Sheriff’s Office plays an important role in highway safety, performing a dual role of educating the public and enforcing the laws. The Sheriff’s Office achieves this through routine patrol, participation in highway safety initiatives such as "Operation Click", media outreach, and enhanced traffic grant enforcements. The Sheriff’s Office supports the efforts of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to promote "Zero in Wisconsin", which is a program to reduce the number of traffic deaths and serious injury crashes. The ultimate goal is to achieve zero deaths on Wisconsin roads.

The Sheriff’s Office is also a very active participant in Operation Click, a program designed to teach and reward safe driving by our local teenagers.

Community Maps

Community Maps provides Wisconsin's law enforcement agencies and county Traffic Safety Commissions with a statewide map of all police reported motor vehicle crashes from 2010 to the current year. Fatal crashes are included from 2001. The Community Maps system was designed to support and enhance traffic safety planning, resource allocation, and decision support at the local level, in particular through the regular review of crashes at each of the county quarterly TSC meetings.

Traffic Safety Concerns

If you have any Traffic Safety Concerns in Walworth County, please contact Captain Rob Hall.