Crime Stoppers

Creation of Crime Stoppers

Welcome to Walworth County Crime Stoppers. The concept of crime stoppers started in July 1976 with the murder of a gas station attendant, Michael Carmen, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Carmen was a young student at the University of Mexico and was going to marry his high school sweetheart in 2 weeks. Carmen picked up an extra shift that fatal night for a friend that wanted to be off.

Detective Greg MacAleese, the chief homicide investigator for Albuquerque Police Department, after 6 weeks with no leads on the murder approached a local TV station and arranged the first crime stoppers reenactment. MacAleese said his reasoning was simple. He felt that there was an eyewitness out their and what better way to reach a city of 350,000 people than utilizing the media. The next morning after the reenactment has aired a witness came forward and described a vehicle with two men in it that were in the area at the time of the murder. 72 hours after the tip was received, two men were arrested for the murder and 6 other armed robberies were solved.

Anti-Crime Movement

These two criminals did not realize that they would be responsible for a worldwide anti-crime movement that has resulted in the solution of more than a half-million crimes and the arrest of nearly 100,000 criminals. Nor did they know that shooting Carmen at point-blank range with a 12 gauge shotgun would serve as a catalyst for the creation of Crime Stoppers.

About Walworth County Crime Stoppers

Walworth County Crime Stoppers was started in 1984. Even though records are unclear, Walworth County Crime Stoppers has assisted Walworth County Law Enforcement Agencies in solving many crimes and bringing criminals to justice.
Walworth County Crime Stoppers is a non-for profit organization. The purposes of Walworth County Crime Stoppers that appeared in the original Articles of Incorporation are to promote community welfare, lessen the burden of the governments of Walworth County, and by:

  • Assisting the various County Police Departments in the apprehension and conviction of criminals through making funds available for use in offering rewards
  • Helping develop a community offensive against crime
  • Motivating members of the public to cooperate with the various Police Departments
  • Providing for rewards and awards for such cooperation and to inform and educate the public by disseminating information as to criminal schemes and tactics so as to further protect the public from criminal activities


The continuing goal of Walworth County Crime Stoppers is to support Walworth County Law Enforcement Agencies in reducing and solving crimes in Walworth County. In doing so, callers can remain anonymous and collect a reward if their tip leads to an arrest.


Walworth County Crime Stoppers meet once a month to review released criminal cases, review tips received, status of tips, fundraising, determine rewards to be paid for anonymous tips that led to a crime solved and any other business brought before the board. Any interested, motivated citizen is encouraged and welcome to join.