Drug Unit


The mission of the Drug Unit is to conduct drug investigations impacting Walworth County. The Walworth County Drug Enforcement Unit is committed to investigating all forms of illicit criminal activity throughout the county. The Drug Unit believes prevention, early intervention and proactive tactics to the drug problem are critical components when stopping the spread of drug use in our community. The Drug Unit coordinates presentations for educational, medical and civic groups. The Drug Unit provides information relating to current drug trends and education on the side effects of illegal drugs.


The Drug Unit is directed by the Captain of Investigations. The Drug Unit is currently staffed by members of the Walworth County Sheriff's Office, a City of Lake Geneva Police Officer and a Detective from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater Police Department. The Sheriff has assigned one Sergeant, four Deputies and an Administrative Secretary to the unit.

South Eastern Area Drug Operations Group

The Drug Unit is a member of South Eastern Area Drug Operations Group (SEADOG), which is a multi-county Task Force consisting of the following counties:

  • Dodge
  • Jefferson
  • Kenosha
  • Racine
  • Walworth

SEADOG works cooperatively in an effort to identify, locate and stop drug trafficking in Southeast Wisconsin. The ability to combine resources, manpower and equipment allows for the participating agencies to operate within designated budgets effectively.