Barber Beautician

Our salon is open 2 days a week, offering a variety of services. 

Appointments can be made through a member of the Recreation staff or by calling 262-741-3677. Charges are withdrawn through the resident’s Trust Account or can be paid at the front desk at the time of service. If you wish to set up weekly or monthly services, on an on-going basis, let us know!

                                                2022 Fee Schedule 

       Description of Service                                                        Fee

  • Beauty shop services- Beard Trim                                      $6.00
  • Beauty shop services- Color Tint                                      $29.00
  • Beauty shop services- Haircut                                          $10.00
  • Beauty shop services- Haircut & Set                                $20.00
  • Beauty shop services- Perm                                             $36.00
  • Beauty shop service- Set                                                  $10.00
  • Beauty shop service –Shampoo                                         $6.00
  • Beauty shop service- Shampoo & Cut                              $16.00
  • Beauty shop service- Shampoo & Set                              $16.00
  • Beauty shop service- Shampoo, Cut &Set                        $26.00