Electronic Monitoring Information

The Walworth County Jail offers qualified inmates sentenced with work release privileges an opportunity to serve their sentence on a GPS bracelet from an approved residence within Walworth County.  Requirements for consideration of this privilege are listed within the Eligibility Policy.

Although inmates are allowed to sleep in their own bed and eat their own food, they are held to a very stringent set of rules while serving their time on Electronic Monitoring. General rules to be followed while receiving this privilege are listed within the Electronic Monitoring Rules.  Additional rules and guidelines are included on an individual case basis.

If you have been sentenced to the Walworth County Jail with Huber/Work Release privileges, please feel free to download and complete the Application for Home Monitoring prior to your arrival. You may turn this paperwork in upon your entry/booking. If you meet all the qualifications, you can still expect a minimum of 2-5 days in the Huber Dorm for processing before being placed on the bracelet. Only extreme cases involving medical issues are set up in advance and processed in a quicker manner.