The payroll division of the Finance Department ensures accurate and timely distribution of County payroll. Functions include:

  • Income verification
  • Payroll questions or concerns

Walworth County Employees' Self-Service Site

Visit the Walworth County's Employee Self-Service (ESS) page. This site allows employees to log in to access payroll functions such as:

  • Current W-4 withholdings
  • Pay advices
  • Simulate what your paycheck would be if you were to change any withholdings or deductions
  • W-2s

ESS Resources

The Resources section in ESS displays a drop-down list that includes:

  • Links to employee benefits services and websites
  • Payroll-related forms for Direct Deposit, W-4 Withholdings and the W-2 Email Consent
  • Walworth County Business Expense Reimbursement Form

Human Resources

Find more information by visiting the Human Resources page.