VA Health Care

The Veterans Administration's (V.A.) health care system is available to many, but not all, active duty veterans. You must go to their clinics or medical centers to have access to any of their services, including prescription coverage. Veterans who receive disability payments from the V.A, low-income veterans and veterans who received the Purple Heart are eligible for free inpatient and outpatient services.

Veterans who do not receive disability payments, and are above specified income/assets levels, must make co-payments for their health care services.

  • There is no charge for preventive screenings and immunizations.
  • Most veterans make prescription co-payments.
  • Dental care is not available to most veterans.

Nearby Facilities

  • Hospitals: Milwaukee, Madison and North Chicago, IL
  • Outpatient Clinics: Union Grove, Janesville, Kenosha and McHenry, IL

The Veterans Service Office is available to assist you with an application to the V.A. Health care system.