History of the County Administrator's Office

Wisconsin law provides three options in which county government can be organized. Counties can:

  • Create the appointed position of Administrative Coordinator.
  • Create the appointed position of County Administrator.
  • Create the elected position of County Executive.

The county board chairperson initially served as Walworth County’s administrative coordinator, on a part-time basis.

Full-Time Administrative Coordinator Position

In May 1995, based upon the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Administrative Study Committee, the Walworth County Board adopted resolution 04-05/95, creating the full-time position of administrative coordinator, effective January 1, 1996. Upon adoption of resolution 04-05/95, the county’s administrative committee began work on recruiting to fill the position. On November 14, 1995, the County Board confirmed the appointment of its first administrative coordinator, Richard Gruber, who began work in January 1996. Mr. Gruber served until January 2, 1997.

County Administrative Coordinator Position

On December 9, 1997, Ann Capela was appointed Administrative Coordinator, serving until October 2000. In April 2001, the executive committee selected a candidate to recommend to the Board, and at a special meeting held on April 5, 2001, the County Board approved a contract with David Bretl to fill the position of Administrative Coordinator. 

County Administrator Position

On January 8, 2002, the Board made the decision to change the County’s form of government by abolishing the position of Administrative Coordinator and establishing the position of County Administrator. Mr. Bretl served in the position until his retirement on January 20, 2020 after 18 years of service to Walworth County. 

On December 19, 2019, the County Board approved a contract with Mark Luberda to fill the position of County Administrator. Mr. Luberda has served in the position since January 20, 2020.