GPS Tracking (AngelSense)

Lakeland School understands that parents/guardians of some students with a disability may seek to use safety-oriented assistance technology, such as a device known as "AngelSense" or similar devices, based on concerns for safety.

We recognize that such devices, commonly known as a GPS tracker with a corresponding app, are designed to enable parents/guardians to locate a child with special needs who may elope the area. Some of these devices have a "listen-in" feature, which if used in the school setting present privacy concerns for other students and staff.

Parents/guardians shall request permission from the Lakeland School administrative staff prior to sending the student to school with a safety orientated assistance technology. When a request for the use of such a device is made, Lakeland School will consider the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and corresponding state obligations in making a determination as to whether your child requires the use of such a device in order to receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).

No student shall be prohibited from possessing or using an electronic signaling device, Such use does not mean that Lakeland School will allow surreptitious recording or transmitting of audio. The GPS device used will have to meet strict parameters pertaining to the recording or transmitting of confidential information. Simply put, the listening-in capability of the device shall be disabled during school hours or at a school-sponsored activity. Meaning at minimum Lakeland School will receive notifications when voice features are disabled (start of school day) and enabled (end of school day). The GPS tracking capabilities can and will remain on during school hours.

Before a student safety tracking device is allowed on campus or at a school sponsored event, the student's parent/guardian shall agree in writing to the requirement for the device's recording and listening-in technology to be disabled. The parent/guardian will need to complete the AngelSense Voice Features Deactivation Agreement. Lakeland School may prohibit the future use of the device on campus or at a school-sponsored activity if it is determined that the device's recording or listening-in capabilities were used in violation.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Matt Huettl, Director of Special Education, Lakeland School CDEB at

Click here to print a copy of the AngelSense Voice Features Deactivation Agreement or contact Lakeland School to receive a copy with school information completed.

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