Community Health Education

Health Education is a free and interactive way for schools, businesses, and community organizations in Walworth County to learn and gain skills to prevent injury and disease, improve health, and enhance quality of life. Health Education can be offered to individuals or in a group/class setting; and offered at Walworth County Health and Human Services or on site at your location. A Walworth County Public Health staff member will lead and customize each presentation to maximize the benefit for each group. Find available opportunities below.

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Community Health Education Opportunities

Educational opportunities that are currently offered are listed below, click below to learn more.

Lead, the Hidden Danger

Learn about lead poisoning, its effects on the body, how to prevent it, and how to avoid lead exposure during home remodeling. Target Audience: Parents, caregivers, families, people who work in the construction &/or child care field.

Radon in the Home

Covers the basics of radon. What it is, where it is found, and what to do about it. Target Audience: Adults

What's in the Water

Learn about how ground water can become contaminated and the filtration process to make it safe to drink. 
Target Audience: Upper Elementary Sutdents

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