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 Walworth County's LakeLand School

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Leave no child behind.  President George Bush
  With Love, patience, guidance, and with faith,
all children can be  given a chance to make their own way !

Why are we here?
What do we offer that is different from other schools?
How did we come to be?  What have we come to be?
What is our Mission

Lakeland School is an important resource  and integral part of the County’s Special Education system for the independent School Districts  within Walworth County.

Lakeland is the operational and administrational heart of a model cost-efficient Special Education Program the County administrators for its rural, smaller sized school districts in harmony and cooperation with those individual school districts.

Each School District’s Special Ed Program is supervised by Walworth County Administrators whose offices are located at Lakeland.  The individual School Districts utilize Lakeland’s program based on the IEP team recommendations.  Students can benefit from the expert staff, low student to teacher ratio, and remain at Lakeland as long as is appropriate.   Some students will remain at Lakeland through graduation from high school.  Other students are able to return to less restrictive settings within the districts if their needs change, at the recommendation of the IEP team.

The greatest advantage of this self-contained facility is that it offers students who have significant learning difficulties, and who would likely be self-contained within a district school, the opportunity to develop friendships and experience activities among a sizeable peer group.  For those who are less independent, it offers safety, structure and personalized attention and care.

Social Development is not ignored.   Lakeland School offers a variety of classroom and extra-curricular activities such as the Peer Model Program, Special Olympics, Unicef Carnival, School Fest, dances, Saturday soccer and t-ball leagues, field trips and other community experiences, high school prom, concerts and other fun events too numerous to mention.


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