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The equipment shown here is located in the Booking area of the jail. In the old days, Correctional Officers rolled ink onto the inmate's hands and then transferred the fingerprints to a set of cards. One small mistake meant starting all over again. Now, with the Identix Live Scan, an Officer simply places the fingers of an inmate onto a small glass plate located on the machine. The Identix Live Scan scans the fingerprints and puts a picture of the prints up on a screen. Bad print? Not a problem, the officer puts that finger on the glass plate again and takes another scan. No ink, no messes, and much-improved fingerprints.

A second part of the booking process has also been automated and made for efficient. Mug shots, in the past, were taken with a 35mm camera. Then the film had to be developed and you had to hope that the picture turned out. Now, mug shots are taken with an electronic camera. The image is projected up on the screen for instant checking. An additional feature is the ability to produce lineups using the system. A number of pictures can be brought up at the same time and then printed out to form a photo lineup. No more dragging people in and making them stand in a line underneath spotlights. The victim can view the photos without the fears of being identified or intimidated.



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