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Emergency Management

  The Emergency Management program has primary duties to prepare, plan, respond and recover from disasters in Walworth County.  Disasters and emergency situations include natural disasters (such as tornados, floods, and fires) and man-made accidents (such as chemical spills, train derailments, or industrial disasters). This program is located within the Walworth County Sheriff's Office.  This program is partially grant funded and is required by state law.  The Emergency Management program not only works on county wide projectsWinter Weather Preparedess, but works with the cities, towns and villages to assist with 
them with their respective programs.

    Emergency Management is responsible for the maintenance and operations of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) that was constructed in 2006.  The EOC is located in Elkhorn and stands ready to host and assist key persons tasked with working through emergencies and disasters.  This EOC is a state of the art facility that has been built with protecting our communities in mind.

    Several plans are prepared and maintained by Emergency Management.  These plans include how to respond to disasters and emergencies, identify what disasters are more likely to occur in our county and how to reduce the impact of disasters.  

   Under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA), a federal program, Emergency Management is also charged with ensuring that all companies with threshold reporting inventories of hazardous industrial and agricultural chemicals annually file the appropriate reporting forms.  


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