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Have Your Mailbox Ready for Winter

Winter and snow plowing will soon be upon us. Will your mailbox and newspaper tube "survive" another season? Now is the time to check it out.

Many people set out their mailbox and virtually forget about it. The boxes do deteriorate and wear out. Take a few minutes to inspect and repair yours. Doing it now can save a lot of aggravation for you later.

Inspect the vertical support. Look for rotting or rusting, especially at the ground line. How is the box attached to the support? Is the piece rotten? Do the fasteners hold firmly? Are any missing? What is the condition of the box itself? Replace or repair rusty boxes.

The postal service has requirements about placement of the mailbox to permit access by its letter carriers. Support type and placement is governed by the highway agency. A list of sizes and a set of typical installations is shown here.

Lightweight construction, securely attached that:

Meets US Postal Service requirements

  1. Maximum weight of fifteen (15) pounds.

  2. Maximum of two (2) mailboxes and two (2) newspaper tubes per installation. Newspaper tube(s) shall be installed together with mailbox(es) wherever practical.

  3. Maximum twenty-four inch (24") cross arm length, if used.

  4. Maximum dimensions of mounting post shall be 4"x4" (wood), 4-1/2" diameter (wood) or 2" diameter (metal pipe). They shall be placed no closer than three (3) feet apart, if more than one (1) support is used.

  5. Placement of the box(es) shall be six inches (6") outside of the shoulder, with the bottom of the box(es) being three and one-half (3-1/2) to four feet (4') above the surface.

  6. Placement of heavy or large objects as standards or bases is not permitted.

  7. Marking devices or reflectors are permitted. No red reflectors may be used, however.


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