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Welcome to the Walworth County
Highway Construction Information Page

The Walworth County Public Works department is excited to provide the public with a new link to our county website: Highway Updates.  We will keep this site as current as possible.

During any road construction, please drive with caution and obey all posted signage and emergency protocols.

If you have any specific questions concerning any of the following projects and how it affects you, please contact our office at 262.741.3114 (Option 1), or our Assistant Director or Assistant Highway Superintendent:
Barry C. Pierce, Assistant Director - Highways
Direct:  262.741.3799
Cell:  262.903.0323

Dave Woodhouse, DPW Assistant Superintendent - Highways
Direct:  262.741.3112
Cell:  262.949.7831
Highway Updates 
County Project Name Estimated Start Date Estimated Completion Date Current
 Map Additional Information
CTH-X Pavement
Rehabilitation Project
May 20, 2019 mid-October
In Progress Project Map
Press Release
Rehabilitation of US 14 in Walworth County
May 28, 2019 late fall 2019 In Progress Not Available News Release
Reconstruction of WIS 59 in Whitewater
March 25, 2019 late Fall 2019 In Progress Not Available News Release
Construction to replace
CTH-DD Bridge over Sugar Creek
in the Town of Spring Prairie
March 11, 2019 mid-July 2019 In Progress Detour Map Press Release
July 2017 Storm Damage Overview
 July 20 2017 Overview Briefing
Road and maintenance workers are doing their best to minimize motorist inconvenience. No matter how it seems to the motorist, road workers and flaggers are striving to improve traffic safety conditions, and it is up to the driver to be alert, aware, and responsive.  Summer need not signal rising fatality rates on the highways if travelers and workers practice care, courtesy, safety and patience.  Remember, practice safety, don't learn it by accident.
Watch for Cone Zoned areas where our Walworth County crews are working to complete the following summer season maintenance activities:
          - Bridge deck repairs          - Crack sealing repairs          - Culvert repairs & ditch maintenance
          - Grinding & paving            - Mowing of Vegetation          - Installation of raised pavement markers
          - Pavement patching          - Shoulder gravelling            - Sign cleaning & replacement
          - Pavement marking / painting

Modified: June 28, 2019

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