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Cremation views are performed Monday through Friday during normal business hours. To schedule a cremation view, please call (262) 741-4732. If your funeral home is located outside of Walworth County, the body will need to be brought to our office for viewing; we will coordinate a time to meet your staff at the Aurora – Lakeland facility in Elkhorn.

Once a view has been completed and the death certificate is signed, please print the Cremation Release form from the State Vital Records system and fill in the portions that do not pre-populate (name of informant and name of the crematory), then fax to (262) 741-4487. We will review the form and send it back to you as soon as possible.

2019 Fee Schedule
Signing a death certificate No charge
Disinterment permit No charge
Cremation permit$250.00

Checks are made out to the Walworth County Treasurer and mailed to the Walworth County Medical Examiner’s Office at 1770 County Road NN in Elkhorn, WI 53121.


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