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Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

We are proud to provide our students with nutritious, well-balanced meals, that taste great, and meet the guidelines of the National School Lunch Program.

We take specific steps when preparing food, in order to meet nutritional requirements of our meals.  We do not add butter or margarine when cooking vegetables.  Salt is no longer used for seasoning, and we use pepper or other herbs as flavor.  We no longer offer 2% milk and only use 1%.

Current Lunch Prices

Early Childhood, Kindergarten $2.00 daily
Primary, Elementary, Middle School $2.85 daily
High School, LS You $3.10 daily
Adult/Visitor $3.75 daily
Extra Milk .50 a carton

We reserve the right to change the menu when necessary.

  Lakeland School
Unpaid Meal Charges Policy

It is the expectation that student meals are paid for in advance. Daily meal costs are posted on the monthly menus which are distributed to all households and can be viewed via the Lakeland School webpage at


Quarterly, written statements are sent home with students in sealed envelopes. Phone calls are placed when there is a lack of response to the quarterly statements and/or when overages meet or exceed $50.00, though phone calls may be placed to the parent/guardian when there is any delinquency.

The Parent-Student Handbook as well as the quarterly, written statements provide contact information (phone number and email) for lunch account balance inquiries.

Payment Options

If a lunch account becomes delinquent, a good faith payment plan may be offered by the school and may also be requested at any time by the parent/guardian.

If a student's account is delinquent and that student has money to purchase a reduced or paid meal on any given day, the student will be provided a school meal.

In the event the school has made every effort to contact the parent/guardian and the school has not received communications or payments from the parent/guardian and if the parent/guardian does not send a cold lunch with their child, although not required by the USDA, the school may offer the student a cold lunch in lieu of a hot lunch. Meal charges still apply to an alternate meal.

Legal Measures

In the event all above debt collection efforts have failed, Lakeland School of Walworth County, CDEB, reserves the right to file a small claims case/suit in an effort to recover unpaid meal charges.

Policy Posting/Distribution

This policy is: included in the back-to-school, mailed 'registration' packets, printed in the Parent-Student Handbook, printed on the back of quarterly, written statements and posted on the County's/school's website.



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