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LS YOU - "Life Skills You"

LS You is a departure from what Lakeland School has traditionally offered to the oldest students who are getting ready for the world of work, continuing education, or independent living post-graduation. At about age 18 or 19, students will begin to focus on experiences that most appropriately prepare them for their post-secondary goals. For those students who meet criteria, these individuals can participate in a school program that is entirely focused on hands-on job skills and daily living experiences. LS You, offers to a specific body of students, a highly functional daily school experience that more closely mimics life after graduation.








The overall philosophy of the LS You program is to offer Lakeland's young adult students educational experiences that place an emphasis on real-world rewards and consequences for decisions made as an adult. Service Learning Projects (SLPs), in essence business ventures functioning within the school or community that offer highly structured real world job training forms the foundation of instruction. The SLPs have been put into place thus far include a salad bar business, a car detailing business, a wood product production and sales business, a coffee cart business and a laundry business.

Other than the SLP's, student schedules include instruction tailored to their individual needs, for example, in personal/interpersonal skills, grooming, independent living, volunteering experiences, community independence, and recreational interests. The students may spend time exploring employment interests or creating an employment portfolio, for example. Their schedules will be individualized to meet their personal post high school goals.






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