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Lakeland School 

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  262-741-4118 p 

Director of Special Education Tracy Moate
Asst. Director of Special Education Suzanne Murray
Principal Matt Conrardy
School Psychologist Jodi Bronson
Director of Curriculum Rosemary Gardner
Data Coordinator Laura Braatz
Office Manager Deb Funderburk
Student Records Kathy Kramer
Office Staff Michelle Bennett
Receptionist Lisa Melloch
School Nurse Alison Thurow
Speech/Language Julie Selchert
Speech/Language Anita Finley 
Speech/Language Erin Helmink 
Speech/Language Michelle Baugrud 
Occupational Therapist Emily Ninnemann
Occupational Therapist Rebecca Whittaker 
Occupational Therapist

Maggie Aschenbrener
Occupational Therapist Hanna Herland
Occupational Therapist Rebecca Orlebeke
Occupational Therapist Anna Sherman
Physical Therapist Sue Schmitz 
Physical Therapist Erica Griffin
Physical Therapist Melissa Clifford
Physical Education Lynda Pinnow
Physical Education Kyle Harding
Physical Education Ryan Maiter
Program Support Amanda Merlo
Art Shelly Budziszek
Music Elizabeth McComb
Floating Teacher Irene Straz 
Early Childhood Rebecca Kroner 
Kindergarten Stacey Zajdel 
Primary  Gabey Davis
Primary  Dana Belcolore
Elementary Sara Lilla 
Elementary  Brittany Thorne
Elementary Linda Gilliland 
Elementary J Michael Merlo
Middle School  Dawn McBride
Middle School  Barb McComb 
Middle School  Jenni LaPinske
Middle School Hope Schlimgen
Middle School Jane Feldmann 
High School 1  Kim Wentz 
High School 1 Matt Metzger
High School 1 Emily Schahczinski 
High School 1 Samantha McGinnis
High School 2 Tanya Knutson 
High School 2 Scott Ceshker
High School 2  Chelsey Hamilton
High School 2 Justin Hamilton 
LSYOU Becki Matthews-Johnson
LSYOU  Linda Fromholz 
LSYOU Ryan Kitzmiller 
LSYOU  Danielle Davidsen
Teacher of Visually Impaired Holly Smith
Teacher of Hearing Impaired Rebecca DeGrave

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