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Residents' Rights in

Wisconsin Skilled Nursing Facilities

Each person residing in a skilled nursing facility is accorded extensive rights guaranteed under federal and state law and honored by the policies and staff of this nursing facility. Complete copies of Wisconsin's resident rights are available upon request. A compilation of these rights are:

Medical Care and Treatment

  • Each person has the right to use their own personal physician

  • Each person has the right to be fully informed about care and treatment and to the extent practicable, to be an active participant in planning his/her care and treatment

Privacy and Confidentiality

  • Each person has the right to private treatment, visitation and correspondence and for access to information concerning his/her care and treatment to be treated confidentially

Dignity and Respect

  • Each person has the right to receive care and treatment in a manner and environment that maintains and enhances his/her dignity and respect in full recognition of his/her individuality

Family and Resident Groups

  • Each resident and their family have the right to organize and participate in Resident and Family Councils. Members of their family have the right to meet with other families in the facility. We will provide space for meetings and a staff member from the facility will attend if invited

Social, Religious and Community Activities

  • Each resident has the right to participate in social, religious and community activities which do not infringe upon the rights of other residents

Access and Visitation

  • Each resident has the right to receive visitors and meet with visitors at reasonable times and subject to reasonable restrictions


  • Each resident has the right to refuse to perform services for this facility. Residents may, however, provide such services if the facility has documented a therapeutic need or desire in their plan of care. The resident is under no obligation to agree to perform any service for the facility

Retention, Use and Storage of Personal Possessions

  • Each resident has the right and is encouraged to retain and use his/her personal possessions including furnishings and appropriate clothing as space permits. All personal possessions are the responsibility of the resident. The facility is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged personal items

Grievance and Complaints

  • Each resident is encouraged and assisted throughout his/her period of stay to exercise his/her rights and accordingly voice grievance and recommend changes in policy and service to facility staff or outside representatives or agencies without discrimination or fear of reprisal

  • Each resident has the right to contact and receive information from organizations acting in the capacity of resident advocates. Injuries or complaints regarding medical treatment or the Federal Resident Bill of Rights may be directed to:

Division of Quality Assurance
Southeastern Regional Office
819 North 6th Street, Room 609B
Milwaukee, WI 53203-1606

Wisconsin Coalition of Advocacy
16 North Carroll Street, Suite 400
Madison, WI 53703

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Assistant Attorney General
Department of Justice
123 West Washington Avenue
Madison, WI 53702

State of Wisconsin
Board on Aging and Long Term Care
Long Term Care Ombudsman
P.O. Box 160
Zenda, WI 53195-0160

Financial Affairs and Medicaid/Medicare Benefits

  • Each resident has the right to be informed prior to or at the time of admission and periodically during his/her stay at this facility of services available in the facility and of charges for those services

  • Each resident has the right to receive and the facility will provide both oral and written information regarding and application and use of Medicare and Medicaid benefits, and how to apply for refunds of previous payments covered by such benefits

Transfers and Discharges

  • This facility has established and maintained identical policies and practices regarding transfer, discharge and the provision of services for all residents regardless of source of payment.

  • This facility recognizes and will honor the residents right to remain in its care and the resident will not be permanently discharged from this facility except under circumstances consistent with state and federal law

Examination of Survey Results

  • The facility posts and each resident has the right to examine its most recent survey, its compliance with state and federal regulations and any plan of corrections that may be in effect to correct alleged non-compliance with those regulations (click here to view)

Working with agencies, residents and families, the Ombudsman investigates and resolves problems, provides information, referral and consultation and works with licensing, certification and other enforcement agencies to improve the quality of care in long term facilities and programs



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