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By: Sara Jacobs, Quality Operations Manager

As part of LHCC’s ongoing commitment to Quality Care, we have been participating in the Alzheimer’s Association EssentiALZ Training and Certification program. In 2016-2017, all staff at LHCC completed a 4 hour Basic Cares Training for dementia care, followed by a 40 question exam which requires 90% to pass. Once finished, employees are Certified in Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ for 2 years. This year all employees have been working toward their 2nd certification. The Alzheimer’s Association Plus Advanced Care Training is a 6 hour course, followed by a 60 question exam, which requires 90% for passing. Once complete employees are Certified in Alzheimer’s Association essentiALZ Plus Dementia Advanced Care for 2 years. By the end of 2017, 98% of our team has been certified in the Basic Cares, and 90% certified in the Advanced Care. We are committed to providing excellent care, and with a 60 bed dementia care unit, it is imperative that all staff are well trained. We look forward to moving into more interactive dementia training this year!

By:  Emily Erke, Customer Service Coordinator

In May, 2015 Lakeland Health Care Center created a team for our new Behavior Management Program. The goals of this program are to find individual resident needs, individual targeted behaviors/expressions, monitor psychotropic drugs with the hopes of making a successful reduction and implement interventions for individual residents. The team is made up of Social workers, Customer Service Coordinator, Behavioral Management Nurse and a Psychologist. This Psychologist would be on a consultant bases only as part of the team and not see residents. This team is also assisted by the Nursing Home Administrator, Director of Nursing and Administrative Assistant. With the start of this new program we also were able to obtain another Psychiatrist to offer to our residents so they now had a choice of what Doctor they wish to use. With this new program we would be able to create in depth social histories of resident's, including medical records from their past to create a better picture of the whole person. This would truly help the team see the entire picture of the resident to better treat the person, not just their condition. The basic version of the procedure is this:
Any staff member will be able to refer any resident for any reason to our behavior management team through our ECS charting system.

The team will meet without the Psychologist every other week to go through the referrals and as a team decided if the individual resident is truly appropriate to be in the Behavior Management Program.

If indeed the resident did need to be a part of our program we would as a team present her to our Psychologist when she is here. (Kelly the Psychologist comes on the odd Wednesday's when we are not meeting as the LHCC team.) This will involve a history, depression scales, med lists/changes, behavioral charting from both CNAs and Nurses as well as Physiatrists notes if appropriate.

Kelly will then make recommendations as intervention's to help assist resident's with the hope of gradually reducing medications and using these interventions to assist the resident to a successful dose reduction.

The recommendations provided by the team will be distributed to appropriate staff and monitored for two weeks to see if they have been effective before Kelly's next visit. If deemed necessary the choice of a Psychiatry referral would also be presented to our resident's/family members.

This program is a work in progress and has come a long way since its formation in May. There has just been a full time Behavioral Management Nurse added to the team where there was only part time previously. Together with Kelly we are working toward developing better charting as a facility to track and monitor behaviors. We currently have 10 residents who are being monitored by our team most of which are also being seen by one of our two psychiatrists. This is a wonderful program that is bringing staff residents and families together to improve the lives of our wonderful resident's. Behavioral Health and resident centered care is truly important when it comes to caring for our residents.



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