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Admissions Process

Lakeland Health Care Center (LHCC) uses a referral list instead of a waiting list method during our admission process.

  • We keep a referral list for the medical unit and another for the memory care unit

  • Currently, there are more than 100 names on our referral lists

  • The Admissions Coordinator updates the list on a regular basis

We must be able to meet the needs of the resident who will be admitted as well as those who already live in our facility.

Short Term Rehab Unit

  • Referrals come from the hospitals and physicians

  • Medicare sets the guidelines as to whether a resident may utilize their Part A benefit. For example, they must have a three day qualifying hospital stay prior to being admitted to our facility. Generally, they must participate in two therapies, five times per week. If they are not able to, or do not wish to work this hard, they are removed from the program, per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' (CMS) regulations

  • Residents are discharged from this unit when finished with therapy.

  • If a resident is not able to safely return to the community we are not allowed, by State code, to discharge them. Quite often it is the assisted living facility that the resident had lived in that makes this determination.

  • Short term rehab residents who cannot return to the community are moved to long-term care rooms

Memory Care Unit

  • Residents who currently live on our medical unit and are in need of the care provided on the dementia unit are first to be admitted to memory care

  • We then contact those waiting the longest on our referral list. We make an exception for those who are at immediate risk in the community

Medical Unit

  • We contact those waiting the longest on our referral list

  • Again, we may make an exception for someone at risk in the community

  • With only 45 beds, we aren't able to meet all of the needs in the community

Pay Source Consideration

  • The Board determined the pay source mix we need in order to operate in a financially responsible manner

  • This consideration was an issue when we first started using this method and needed to reduce our Medicaid census from 88% to 72%

  • Currently, this consideration is occasionally an issue when two or three residents become Medicaid eligible during the same time period


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