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Parcel Information
Inquiry Search - Help Guide

This page serves as a guide for searching in the Parcel Information Inquiry application.

Parcel/Tax Key Number search:
The Parcel/Tax Key Number consists of a municipality code, subdivision code (if present), and a number.
All or part of the Parcel/Tax Key Number may be entered into the Parcel/Tax Key Number search field. If a space exists anywhere in the Parcel/Tax Key Number, it must be accounted for when entering into the search field.

To see a listing of subdivision prefixes, click here.

Wildcard searching:
Enter a partial search value to look for occurrences of that value beginning with any Parcel/Tax Key Number.
Example: A S entered into the Parcel/Tax Key Number search field will display a list of parcel records beginning with a Parcel/Tax Key Number 'A S'
Note: A wildcard search will result in longer load times.

Municipality Prefix Listing


Town of Sharon P Town of East Troy
Town of Darien Q Village of Darien
Town of Richmond R Village of East Troy
Town of Whitewater S Village of Fontana
Town of Walworth T Village of Genoa City
Town of Delavan U Village of Sharon
Town of Sugar Creek V Village of Walworth
Town of LaGrange W Village of Williams Bay
Town of Linn X City of Delavan
Town of Geneva Y City of Elkhorn
Town of Lafayette Z City of Lake Geneva
Town of Troy / City of Whitewater
Town of Bloomfield # Village of Mukwonago
N Town of Lyons * City of Burlington
O Town of Spring Prairie & Village of Bloomfield

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