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Coming December 2017

Walworth County LIDAR/2015 Ortho Download Application
  • Download Lidar .LAS files by PLSS Section for the entire county.
  • Download Mr SID files by Township for the 2015 Orthophotos.

October 2017

Walworth County Open Data Portal
  • The Walworth County Open Data Portal was created to give users the ability to download various County GIS Datasets.
  • Datasets like Street Centerlines, Parcels, Supervisory Districts, etc are currently available.
  • The Open Data Portal also gives users access to various topic specific Mapping Applications.
  • Datasets are available in Spreadsheet format, Shapefile format and KML format.

September 2017

Walworth County Parks Story Book Mapping Application
  • Picture tour of each park.
  • Drone Footage for various parks. (Currently - Price Park. Future - White River and Natureland Park).
  • Trail locations.
  • Parks Finder Application embedded in story book application.

December 2016

Walworth County OneView
  • The OneView web mapping application is being created to replace the current Flex Web Mapping Application which is no longer being supported.
  • OneView is a mapping framework that was not only enhanced to provide the same functionality, but was enhanced to provide the same land information users expect.
  • OneView has mobility capabilities which will allow you to use the application on a tablet or smartphone.
  • OneView provides different types of ESRI Basemaps.
  • OneView provides access to the Walworth County Energov Zoning application.
  • OneView has an extensive help website to guide users as they navigate the mapping application.


Walworth County Web Mapping Application Version 3.0 Released
  • Version 3.0 has no specific enhancements to the application, however it is a software upgrade.





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