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When can I communicate with the prosecuting attorney assigned to my case?

  • If you are a defendant and have hired an attorney, our office will not be able to communicate with you.   We are only able to communicate with your attorney regarding your case

  • If you are a defendant and have not hired an attorney, you may complete a form called Waiver of Your Right to an Attorney.  This form can be obtained from the Clerk of Courts Office at the Judicial Center.  After you have completed the form, sign it and file it with the Clerk of Courts Office.  Once the form has been filed and we have received a copy, you may contact our office to communicate with the prosecutor assigned to your case.

How do I get copies of police reports?

  • If you are looking to obtain access to or copies of police reports, you must go directly to the police agency that prepared the reports and make an open records request. There may be a fee to obtain police reports. 

Does your office handle child support issues?

  • No, our office does not handle child support matters.  Any child support questions should be directed either to your attorney or the Child Support office in the Judicial Center.  That phone number is (262) 741-7100.

    Our office only becomes involved in child support matters when a criminal child support case has been referred to us.

Does your office handle civil matters for private citizens?

  • No, our office does not handle civil matters. We do not represent private citizens. We represent the County of Walworth and the State of Wisconsin only.

How do I file a small claims action?

  • If you would like to commence a small claims action against another party you can obtain and file the paperwork with the Clerk of Courts Office in Room 2080 of the Judicial Center.   You may also contact the Clerk of Courts Small Claims division at (262) 741-7019 for more information.

I have been charged with a crime.  I would like an attorney to represent me, but I can not afford one.   What can I do?

  • You may go directly to the State Public Defender's Office located at 209 O'Connor Drive, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, or you can contact them at (262) 723-3212.   They will discuss the steps you need to take to determine if you are eligible for public defender representation.

  • If you are not eligible for public defender representation, the public defender's office will give you a form called Notice of Ineligibility.  The Public Defender's Office will also give you a Motion for Appointment of Counsel.  Fill this form out and file the original with the Clerk of Courts Office.  The Judge will then decide at the next court hearing whether or not to grant your motion for appointment of counsel.

    I would like to file or drop charges against someone.  

  • If you wish to make a complaint against someone, go to the police agency where the violation occurred and make a complaint to a police officer. You cannot make your complaint directly to our office.  The police offcer will investigate the matter and refer any appropriate charges to our office for prosecution. An attorney from the District Attorney's office will decide whether or not to file charges.

    Once charges have been filed from the District Attorney's office only the attorney can decide to drop the charges.

The judge has ordered someone to have no contact with me. How do I get the Judge to lift that no contact order?   
  • There is a page of instructions entitled "To Lift the No Contact". See the table of contents of this website. A printed copy can also be obtained from the Clerk of Courts office.

How do I change my court date?  
  • If you have an attorney, contact him/her with this question. If you do not have an attorney, you must contact our office to inquire whether or not the prosecutor asigned to your case objects to your request.  You must then call the Clerk of Courts office at 741-7012 to advise the court of the prosecutor's position and of your request for a new court date.  The Judge will make the final decision to grant or deny your request.
What are the conditions of a bond?  
  • You must appear at all court hearings as ordered.
  • You must notify the Clerk of Courts office of any change in your address in writing within 48 hours of changing your address.
  • You must not committ any crimes.
  • You must not directly nor indirectly threaten, harass, intimidate, or otherwise interfere with victims or witnesses in the case.
  • Any other conditions as appear on the bond you signed. (For example: no alcohol, no weapons, no contact with named people. See your bond for all conditions.)
How long do the bond conditions last?  
  • The bond conditions last until the case is dismissed or the defendant is sentenced for the crime.
Why did I receive a subpoena?  
  • The prosecuting attorney believes that you have relevant testimony necessary to prosecute the case.
How long does it take for a case to be resolved in the criminal justice system?  
  • There are many factors involved for each case. Some cases are resolved within several weeks, whereas others may take several months.
How can I get my property released?  
  • Contact the police agency that is holding your property. They will then contact the District Attorney's office regarding this matter. The police department will then contact you regarding the release of your property.
 I have a complaint about a company. Who should I contact?  
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