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Human Health Hazards

Chapter 50, Article III of Walworth County Code states: “No person shall erect, construe, cause, continue, maintain, or permit any human health hazard within the county. Any person who shall cause, create or maintain a human health hazard or who shall in any way aid or contribute to the causing, creating or maintenance thereof shall be guilty of a violation of this chapter and shall be liable for all costs and expenses necessary to remove and correct the human health hazard and to the penalty provided in section 50-110 of this article.”

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The Department's environmental health specialists will investigate reported human health hazards. To file a complaint about a health hazard:

Contact Public Health at (262) 741-3140 or e-mail

If you would like your complaint to remain anonymous, you must indicate that in your email. Please include the following information in your email:
(Items marked with * (asterisk) are required.)

  • Whether or not this is an anonymous complaint*
  • Your name*
  • Owner of Human Health Hazard Name*
  • Street Address of Health Hazard*
  • City/Town/Village*
  • Date of Incident (mm/dd/yyyy)*
  • Approximate Time Incident Occurred
  • Description of What Happened*
  • Any Additional Comments

To report structural hazards in residential buildings contact your municipalities' building inspector.

Mold is not a regulated substance in Wisconsin and is not considered a human health hazard. Please see the page on mold for the official Wisconsin Department of Health Services position on mold and additional information on dealing with mold.

Health Hazards Enumerated:

The following human health hazards are specifically prohibited by County Code:

  • Breeding places for vermin, insects, etc. Accumulations of decayed animal or vegetable matter, trash, rubbish, refuse, garbage, foodstuffs, animal or human fecal matter, or any substance or structure in which flies, cockroaches, rats, mice, skunks or other disease carrying insects or vermin can breed, live, nest or seek shelter.

  • Public swimming beach hazard. Unacceptable bacteriological conditions; consideration shall be given to closing a beach when: the E. coli count of any sample exceeds 1000 CFU per 100 milliliter sample

  • Wells. Any well that is no longer used as a source of potable or nonpotable water or is contaminated or is not properly abandoned in accordance with NR 812.26, Wisconsin Administrative Code. In addition, any well that is identified by the state department of natural resources or others as not complying with requirements of NR 812 may be designated a human health hazard.

  • Wastewater. Wastewater or sewage effluent from buildings discharging to the ground surface or surface water or backing up into the building which is caused by a failing or inadequately maintained private sewage system.

  •  Housing. Housing that is dilapidated, unsafe or unsanitary may be declared a human health hazard.

The list above does not encompass all health hazards and the Health Officer is given the power by code to declare “Any other situation determined by the health officer to meet the definition of a human health hazard as per section 50-102 of this article” as a human health hazard.


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