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Listed below are the steps you must take regarding your complaint about problems with your landlord before the Bureau of Consumer Protection can assist you.

Contact your landlord with a letter stating the following 3 things:

  1. Problem-outline the specific problem you would like fixed (mold, leaks, something broken, etc)
  2. Solution-indicate the solution you want to fix the problem, such as washing off the mold, repairing the water leak, and repairing a broken window
  3. Time-give the landlord a specific amount of time to fix the problem. Remember, the time frame will depend upon what solution you are seeking. It will take longer to remove and replace drywall for a mold issue than it will to wash the mold off. Be realistic with the amount of time you request.

Sign, date and make a copy of the letter. Send it certified mail with a return receipt requested.

If the landlord is uncoopertive or unresponsive to your letter and does not remedy the situation within the time frame you may contact the Department of Agricluture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Before you contact DACTP make sure you have a copy of the letter and the return receipt.

*Many problems dealing with plumbing, the physical structure of the building, or maintenance of the structure are often covered under municipal codes and should first be directed to your municipalities building inspector before being brought to DATCP.


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