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Protective Placement

 An Emergency Protective Placement can also be made under Chapter 55, or the placement can be made on a petition to the court.

As with guardianship, a person put in protective placement must be incapacitated by mental illness, developmental disability, the infirmities of aging, or some similar affliction and be a suitable candidate for placement in a facility of 16 or more beds.

DHHS receives referrals for guardianships and protective placements from hospitals, law officers, the courts, case managers, other agencies, families, and potentially anyone involved with a person who is suspected to be incompetent.

DHHS gets involved in all emergency detentions and protective custodies under Chapter 51 that originate in Walworth County, and whenever a person is placed in a facility under an emergency protective placement under Chapters 55 and 880.

DHHS petitions the court for protective placement under Chapter 55 only when the subject is indigent.


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