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Family Supports

 DHHS provides for several programs that help a individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency. For more information about the programs listed below, call the Walworth County Job Service Center at 262-723-3611.

Food Stamps
The Food Stamp Program helps persons and families who have little money or savings to buy the food they need for good health. The program is supervised by the State of Wisconsin under an agreement with the US Department of Agriculture. The basic program rules are the same everywhere in the United States.

 Eligibility for Food Stamps is based on a family's income and assets, not participation in a W-2 program.

 There is no limit on the length of time a person can remain eligible for Food Stamps.

 Food stamp benefits are used for purchasing food at designated grocery stores that participate in the Food Stamp Program.  These benefits come as either coupons or as a swipe card.

 Food stamp benefits are only used to pay for food. As the goal of the Food Stamp Program is to make it easier for persons to have nutritious, adequate diets, Food Stamp benefits cannot be used to buy alcoholic beverages, tobacco or cigarettes, soap and paper products, pet food or other non-food items.

Food Stamps can be given on an emergency basis.

 The Food Stamp Employment and Training Program (FSET) assists people who get food stamps to find a job through work activities and education and training.

Health Care Programs
Medicaid and BadgerCare are health care programs that provide health insurance to low-income families, children and to pregnant women to help keep families healthy. These programs have separate eligibility rules from W-2 and do not have a time limit. Families at the high end of the income limit pay a small monthly premium.

Emergency Assistance
A person facing a current emergency due to fire, flood, a natural disaster, an energy crisis, or homelessness (including potential eviction) may receive up to $150 per family member. Emergency Assistance may also be available to families facing homelessness due to a financial crisis.

Assistance for Refugees
Eligible refugees can receive cash and medical assistance.


Crisis Services

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

Mental Health Services

Alcohol/Drug Issues

Mental Health Recovery Services

Child/Family Services

Child Support

Public Health

Economic Support

Developmental Disabilities

Trauma Informed Care

Volunteer Services

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