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Vocational Services

Types of vocational services are:

Shelter Employment
Supervised employment in a sheltered setting for clients who are unable to participate in competitive employment.
Prevocational Services
Services aimed at preparing an individual for paid or unpaid employment. Services are not job-task oriented, but are   intended to have a more generalized result as opposed to vocational training for a specific job or supported employment.
Day Services
Services aimed at helping clients to develop skills in performing activities of daily living and community living.
Supported Employment
Paid, competitive employment in an integrated work setting for individuals who need intensive, on-going support to sustain paid work.

Eligibility Criteria
County funding for vocational services will be considered after the subject provides documentation of either a developmental disability or a long term mental illness. All lesser restrictive vocational services must be explored and ruled out before county-funded vocational services will be considered. A Department of Vocational Rehabilitation application and assessment is necessary prior to a decision regarding county-funded supported employment services. Services may be limited based on the availability of funding.

Developmental Disability Definition:
A developmental disability means a disability attributed to a brain injury prior to age 21, or cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, mental retardation, or another neurological condition closely related to mental retardation or requiring treatment similar to that required for mental retardation, which has continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely and constitutes a substantial handicap to the individual.

Long Term Mental Illness
The following classifications from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) are accepted as diagnoses of long term mental illness (sometimes called chronic mental illness):

Schizophrenia: 295.1, 295.2, 295.3, 295.6, 295.9
Delusional Disorder: 297.1
Psychotic Disorder NOS, 298.9
Major Depressive Disorder: 296.3
Bipolar Disorders: 296.4, 296.7, 296.8, 296.89
Schizophreniform Disorders: 295.4
Schizoaffective Disorders: 295.7

To talk with someone at DHHS about Vocational Services, call 262-741-3200 or call toll free 800-365-1587or TTY 262-742-3255.




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