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Sick Child Policy
The following policy was developed to protect the health of your child and family, the health of other children in this program, and the Birth to Three providers.

A parent must cancel Birth to Three therapy whenever their child exhibits any one of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours:
  • A temperature of 100< or higher
  • Diarrhea (2 occurrences)
  • Vomiting (1 occurrence)
  • Any rash other than diaper rash
  • Eye infection
  • Nasal discharge that is either green or yellow
  • Extreme irritability or exhaustion
  • Children must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol (or other similar medication) before returning to therapy

If any one else in the family is experiencing any of these symptoms they should be kept away from the providers who come into your home and they should not be coming into the Birth to Three Center. If anyone in the family is experiencing a highly contagious disease, such as Impetigo, Pink Eye, Strep, Head Lice, or Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease, therapy should be canceled.

We realize that therapy time is very important to your child. However, providing treatment to a child who is not feeling well is not therapeutic. Birth to Three providers exposed to any sickness or disease can pass it on to others.

The therapists will use their discretion in deciding whether therapy should continue when a child is ill.



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