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Understanding Wisconsin's Child Support Enforcement program
Wisconsin's Child Support Enforcement program is a joint effort of local and state agencies.

Local Child Support Enforcement Agencies
Both county and tribal agencies provide case management services for almost 400,000 child support cases in Wisconsin. These agencies work with the courts, sheriff departments, and other local agencies to coordinate child support services. Each local child support agency employs or contracts for legal representation to serve the interests of the State.

The county and tribal courts in Wisconsin have sole authority for entering paternity judgments, for ordering child support and medical support, and for modifying child support payments. The courts can also impose civil and criminal enforcement remedies.

The Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund
This fund is a centralized operation established by Wisconsin statute to receipt and disburse support and other payments. The Department of Workforce Development contracts with the Lockheed Martin corporation for this service.

The Bureau of Child Support
This bureau in the Department of Workforce Development administers and manages Wisconsin's child support program. The Bureau sets statewide policy and provides technical assistance to local child support agencies. The Bureau also operates a child support computer system called KIDS and the Wisconsin Support Collections Trust Fund.


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