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Who does what?

The following description of agency roles is adapted from the website of the Wisconsin Bureau of Child Support

Establishing Paternity
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • Works with parents to establish paternity
  • Facilitates genetic testing

 Walworth County Courts

  • Make determinations of paternity

Establishing Support Orders
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • Schedules cases for court hearings
  • Recommends levels of child and medical support orders according to current standards
  • Responds to parental requests for a review or re-determination of the amount of their child support order

 Walworth County Courts

  • Make findings of ability to pay support
  • Enter orders and setting child and medical support in conformance to the Income Standard
  • Determine whether the amount of child support ordered should be adjusted

Enforcing Court Orders
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • Monitors child support cases for compliance with court orders
  • Investigates incidents of non-compliance and locates absent parents
  • Contacts payers who fall behind in their payments
  • Verifies income and employment and forwards income withholding notices to employers
  • Determines whether the non-custodial parent has health insurance coverage available
  • Asks the court to make a finding of contempt of court for non-compliance with court orders
  • Requests the court to order "work search" or Children First* activities
  • Determines if administrative actions (e.g., license denial) against a delinquent payer are appropriate
  • Refers delinquent payers, who are seriously behind in payments, to the district attorney for possible criminal charges of non-support

 Walworth County Courts

  • Set conditions for payment of delinquent amounts and enforces child support orders
  • Enter orders for "work search" or Children First* enrollment
  • Determine if a delinquent payer is in violation of a court order and makes a finding of contempt

Serving Customers (Parents, employers, the general public, other states and nations)
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • Provides primary customer service to payers, payees, employers and other states by responding to letters, calls and other inquiries

 Walworth County Courts

  • Are prohibited from meeting or otherwise discussing cases with individuals who are party to the case (ex parte communication)

Custody and/or Visitation
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • No responsibility

 Walworth County Courts

  • Issue orders concerning custody and physical placement (visitation)
  • Refer parties with disputes to the family court counseling service (mediation)

Financial Management
Walworth County Child Support Enforcement Agency

  • Enters court-ordered financial information into the KIDS database and adjusts KIDS financial account balances
  • Provides assistance to parents related to distribution issues
  • Maintains pre-KIDS payment records

Trust Fund

  • Processes child support payments from payers, employers and other states
  • Sends child support payments to custodial parents, other states, and state and federal government agencies
  • Adjusts collections and disbursements
  • Reconciles the Trust Fund bank accounts
  • Deals with special situations such as re-issuing checks, stopping payment on checks, following up on NSF checks and other matters



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